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Turning Your Home Into a Pet Friendly Environment

Getting a new pet is an exciting experience, but taking care of them requires a lot of effort from pet owner. Pets are fun, curious, and they need your care and support. Having a pet-friendly home will make your pet to feel welcome. Here are some steps you can take to turn your home into a pet – friendly environmental.

Select Durable Floors

Pet owner needs hard-surface flooring to keep pet-occupied rooms in tip-top shape. Choices such as stone or ceramic tiles, laminate flooring, or painted concrete would be easier to keep stain-free and clean than carpet. These floors are also cooler in hot weather, an essential consideration for pets with thick or long fur.

Keeping houseplants on high shelves

Young animals are used to biting and chewing on anything that comes their way. Houseplants such as orange day lily, caladium and tulips are toxic to pets, so make sure that none of the houseplants is kept at ground level. Placing houseplants on a high shelf not only ensures the safety of your pet but also prevents the destruction of the plant.

Hide toxic products

Block all toxic household products such as bleach, mosquito repellent, window cleaner, toilet cleaner in a closet, where your pet can not reach them. Since animals have no idea of the hazard they can cause, it is your duty to keep them safe by removing these toxic substances.
Place glass objects correctly
Domestic pets tend to run around the house, and this causes problems when you have glass items such as vases, cups, decorative objects and transparent glass doors in the house. Since you cannot eliminate the use of glassware in general, a better alternative is to place these objects in a way that will mitigate direct contact with pets.

Furniture spraying

Pets have a bad habit of chewing wooden furniture and destroying it. To avoid this, you can use a non-toxic, unfriendly anti-gum spray. Your pets will go near the furniture due to unpleasant smell and your valuable furniture will remain sublime.

Start an electrical safety wiring

Open wires are very dangerous to have around when you have a pet. Because your pet will not understand that the electric wire is dangerous, it can try to touch it. The pet owner should ensure that the wires are properly lying around the house, and make sure that the electrical wiring in the common area is safe and out of sight.

Child Safety Installation

Think of your pets as a two or three year old child who constantly needs your attention and protection. Impulsive and active new pet requires the same safety measures that you would offer tp you’re new-born. Childcare locks on cabinets and drawers in the kitchen and other important sites to keep all your belongings and keep the animals happy.

Since you should not be too hard on your new pet training, the best thing to do is to create favorable conditions for pets at home.

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