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12 Ways Adopting a Rescue Pet Will Improve Your Life

So, you’ve been thinking about inviting a new furry family member into the home. The options of where to find a new pet usually come down to: a breeder, a rescue organization or shelter, or waiting around until someone you know finds themselves with an unexpected litter at home.

While breeders allow for a custom-tailored choice, that is about their only upside. They can vary from more-upstanding-than-most to downright abusive, but all breeders have one thing in common: for every breeder pet you buy, one rescue pet is denied the opportunity to live in a wonderful home.

Not only does rescuing an animal improve their lives—drastically!—but, it can also improve yours. Here are some reasons to consider bringing home a rescue fur baby that will make both you and your new addition live happily ever after.

1. You will be the first and only home your pet will ever know. So many pets come from sad and abusive situations—you will be her reminder there is good in the world!

2. Snuggles feel better when you know you are giving love to someone who was otherwise forgotten.

3. If you bring home a pup, you will be saving one of the 1.2 million shelter dogs euthanized every year.

4. Knowing you are giving your little guy or girl a warm spot to rest, eat and play will make your heart soar.

5. Seeing a rescue pet figure out how to play or that he is allowed to cuddle up on a blanket, instead of the hard floor, is indescribable.

6. You will get to see why purebred does not mean superior. Mutts are awesome! And healthier as well.

7. You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing your money did not go toward an establishment with terrible and horrific living conditions for pets.

8. Taking home a sweetheart from a shelter frees up a spot for another pet who is otherwise completely homeless.

9. Seeing the signs that your new fur baby trusts you will make you feel like a superhero.

10. If you adopted from a rescue shelter, you can rest easy knowing your money went to an organization that truly cares about animals.

11. Sometimes rescue pets need more TLC than others. This isn’t a reason not to adopt—it’s a reason to get excited about bonding with your pet on an even deeper level. The fact that you stick around during the hard times will mean the world to your little fluffball.

12. No matter what, your pet will love you—but there seems to be a special twinkle in a rescue pet’s eye that seems to say “Thank you.”

Source: Care2