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5 Exotic Pets

With regard to exotic pets list, there are literally thousands, even millions of different weird pets and crazy pets to choose from if you are in mammals, reptiles, fish, birds and amphibians. For people who lean towards maintaining exotic plants, knowing unusual pets would best suit not only your lifestyle but which would be your ideal pet too, can be a bit of a challenge. You may not want something too difficult to keep or an animal that needs a very special environment to live in which could prove very costly to set up.

Fortunately, there is a large selection of exotic animals that are not as difficult to care for and five of them are listed below:

A Chinese fire belly Newt

Chinese tritons Belly Fire are semi-creatures -aquatic that boast bright orange belly – Hence their name. They are toxic but very slightly which means they must be handled with care. Therefore, even though they make the animals fascinating, they are not the best choice for young children to keep. They eat small invertebrates and must be kept in an environment where they can be in the water or out of it when they want. The only fascinating thing about these amazing creatures is that they can live a very long, if well cared for – from 10 to 20 years.

A bearded dragon

Native to Australia, the Bearded Dragon is very capable of adapting to many environments, be it a hot desert area or a dry forest. When kept in captivity, they need a safe place to live where the temperature is between 70 and 100 degrees; F and they need UVB light in their tanks. As with most reptiles moisture in their environment must be set at the right level or you may find that they have difficulty in pouring which could result in their discomfort.

You should also keep in mind is that male bearded dragons are incredibly territorial and therefore require careful handling. Males must also be kept in their own individual environment to avoid fighting and confrontation. The good news is that bearded dragons are quite easy to keep as pets.


This fascinating creature has become a most popular rare pet in recent years. There is still some fear that potential owners, while keeping a tarantula as a pet is often more harmful to the animal than to the owner of the animal. The tarantulas may even die from a short fall, if their abdomen ruptures.

Tarantulas are poisonous, but in most species the toxicity of their venom is similar to a bee or wasp sting. In some cases, a person may have an allergic reaction to spider bites, in much the same way that some respond to bee stings.

There are hundreds of tarantula species, and some are more aggressive than others, so potential homeowners really need to research before buying one. The tarantulas are fascinating, calm, and in most cases, little space.


Hissing cockards – These insects are perfect for beginners of pet owners! They are very docile and require little maintenance. If they are not “cute and cuddly” pet variety, they are very interesting. They whistle when they are disturbed, and the males whistle while courting a female. Sometimes, for unknown reasons, the entire colony will whistle in unison.

Hissing cockroaches are best kept in a large tank of wood chips. Water and fresh fruits and vegetables are all they require. They are rugged creatures and can live up to five years.

  • An African Pygmy Hedgehog

Adorably searching but rather thorny, the African Hedgehog Pygmy has quickly become a very popular exotic animal to keep as a pet. They are real characters and a lot of fun to have around, although they must be handled with care – sometimes it is worth wearing a pair of gloves because their feathers can be quite strong. The other thing you need to be careful is that your pet hedgehog does not put too much weight because they do like their food which means that if they do not get enough exercise – They may just start wearing too much weight that can lead to other health problems.


There is a large selection of exotic animals around which make wonderful pets. If you suffer from allergies but would like to share your home with an animal everything is not lost because you have the option of keeping fish, reptiles or other exotic species like pet snake and not having to worry about having an Allergic reaction to them. However, before choosing an exotic animal, in order to take care of it properly, you need to learn as much about them as possible so that they remain living happily and healthy in the right kind of environment.



Fish Tank Set-up Guide for Dummies

An aquarium fish tank can bring the beauty and splendor of tropical or freshwater fish into your home or office. Now that you have decided on the size and the type of fish tank that you want, whether it is a heated tank or a cold water tank, the first step is to make a purchase. There is a wide range of quality fish tanks you can buy online at affordable pricing, though the price depends on your choice of fish tanks. After you have purchased your fish tank, it is important you learn how to properly set it up.

Things To Consider:

Size of fish tank: The next thing to do is to decide on the size of fish tank you want. You need to ensure that the fish tank is as big as it can be to avoid unnecessary losses and unwanted errors. You can start with a 10, 20 gallon tank or bigger, made of acrylic or glass.

Tools: Some of the tools needed to setup a fish tank include gravel, heater, pump &filter, Lift tubes, air pump, siphon, gang valve, thermometer, net, chlorine reducer, plants, algae scraper etc.

Budget: The cost of setting up an aquarium is between a few hundreds of dollars to a thousand dollar depending on your choice.

Where to buy: You can buy a fishtank online. (Company name) has a wide range of quality fish tanks for sale at great pricing.

Placement & Filling: Having purchased your fish tank, the next thing is to choose a good place to set the tank in your home. Once it is filled, it will be impossible to move without first emptying it. Ensure not to put it directly under the sunlight of a window or a very hot area, as heat makes algae grow faster. This implies, cleaning will be harder and high temperatures can really hurt some fish. Thoroughly wash aquarium gravel, ornaments and rocks with warm water. Add them to your tank. Connect the tools to your tank and fill it about one-third full with a clean room temperature water. Check the temperature and conditions after some hours. Based on the temperature, decide whether to add the fish immediately or not.

Top fish for starters: No one fish can survive in all water conditions. If you have decided to keep a cold water freshwater fish tank, you can buy Bloodfin Tetras, Gold Fish or White Cloud. For heated Freshwater fish tank, go for Betta, Black Molly, Danios, Kuhli Loach, Black Skirt Tetra, Swordtails or Platies. As a beginner, I will suggest you look for fish that are hardy, easy to care for and can get along with others in the tank. Feeds include Freeze-dried and frozen fish foods, tubifex worms, mosquito larvae, bloodworms, water fleas, brine shrimp etc.

Steps to setting up your aquarium

Choose a good place in your home to set up the tank. Ensure the place is not directly under the sunlight of a window or a very hot area, as heat makes algae grow faster and high temperatures can really hurt your fish. Also remember once it is filled, it will be impossible to move without first emptying it.

•        Thoroughly wash the aquarium gravel, ornaments, and rocks with warm water. Add them to your tank.

•        Fill your tank to about one-third full with clean water at room temperature.

•        Connect the airline tubing from the air pump to any air plug-ins in your tank

        Place plants where preferred

•        Secure the submersible water heater close to your water flow and set the thermometer as far from the water heater as is possible

•        Plug in your power filter, air pump, heater, and start them up.

•        Fill up the tank with the remaining water.

•        Check the temperature with thermometer plus the conditions after some hours.

•        Add your ornaments. When everything is in place, install cover and lighting

•        Congratulations!