Frequently Asked Questions

How to Register

Click on the Join Us Button from the main menu

To log in with facebook, just click on the Log in with facebook button from the registration page.

Enter your facebook username and password

Click on the Create New Account Button

Enter your information on the required fields

Click on the Complete Sign up button

Check your email for the activation message

Click on the activation link

How do i manage my profile?

You can mange your profile by clicking on your avatar from the header menu then click on the profile icon on top of the activity stream

On your personal profile page you can change your password, profile and cover photo

What is the Activity Stream?

The activity stream is where you see your personal wall posts, status updates, photos and videos. You can also see posts where you are Mentioned , Favorites, your Friends activities and Group activities you are a member of. Once logged in, you can view your activity stream by clicking on your avatar from the header menu.

What are notifications?

You will be sent a notification when there are new events on your timeline. (eg. new article, friend request, status update, mentions. posts and more). If logged in, a red balloon appears on the Live Notification header menu to inform you that there is a new event.

How do i add friends?

You can connect to other members by sending them friend requests. Type the member’s name in the Find Friends field located on the left side bar then click on the search button. Click on the Add Friend button located on the profile page of the member you want to connect to.

Can i like and comment on my friends' posts?

Absolutely! You can view your friends’ activity stream, like, comment and share their recent posts ans status updates. Go to your friends’ Activity stream then click on the post or status update which you want to react on and choose whether to like, comment or share it.

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